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Dance Monkey(cover by Capri)
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When Capri was only 12 years old she was invited to sing on stage with Nelly Furtado after the video for her original song “Hope” went viral about her mom battling breast cancer. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter has since returned to the music scene ready to release music after years of struggling with her own battle. 


Her upcoming music tells her story of dealing with depression and an eating disorder. “I’m really unhappy and I don’t know why/ see people my age out living life while I stay inside/ my mom doesn’t get it but she hears me cry” Capri sings in her soon to be released single “I Never Feel Alright”. 


“I hope by sharing my story it can help people understand they’re not alone. I get what you’re going through. Mental health is a stigma I want to help break and I believe music is the universal language to do so.” says Capri. 


Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Capri has been competitively dancing singing and songwriting since a young age. She performed on stages locally as well as trained in Los Angeles and New York.


When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 it was the first time Capri’s world was shook. Songwriting became her therapy. “It’s how I coped. When I wrote Hope I didn’t expect anyone to hear it.” Capri recalls. 


Her vocal coach urged her to perform it at a recital. It was filmed, posted and overnight started to go viral, earning millions of views collectively, embedded on sites and via YouTube. When it grabbed attention of Nelly Furtado, she invited Capri onstage to perform “I’m like a Bird”. “It was a taste of my dream.” marvels Capri. 


Capri gained tons of media coverage and got daily messages from people around the world. “Knowing my music had such an impact on others gave me strength ” Capri says. 


The singer moved to Toronto the following year to pursue her dreams and Immediately landed a role on Family/ Disney Channel’s “Backstage”. Months later her parents divorced and she started to struggle with a long-distance relationship with her father. All the sudden she went from singing on stages to not being able to get out of bed. Mental illness quickly took over her life… She continued to write music during this difficult time but never released anything for the following 6 years because she didn’t think she was skinny or pretty enough. 


While undergoing treatment at Toronto General Hospital, it hit her that her message could help save many others in her same position and it was selfish to not share her music with the world. She realized it wasn’t about her anymore but her ability to touch other people’s souls the same way she did with “Hope”. 


The 19-year-old is finally feeling back to herself after receiving proper help and is ready to get back to doing what she loves most. From writing about her mothers struggle to now her own, Capri will help many.

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